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Jonathan Diamond Associates (JDA) has produced numerous public television programs on the subject of young people and education through “The Learning Child Series.” In partnership with The Child Development Institute at Sarah Lawrence College and distributed by American Public Television, the series has been aired by more than 150 stations nationwide.  Featuring hosts James Taylor, Joanne Woodward and American soprano Dawn Upshaw, its programs illuminate such subjects as literacy, creativity and environmental ethics. 


JDA’s other notable productions include the prime-time series, “Beating The Odds” for Discovery Health, a series on individuals who have triumphed over life-altering health difficulties; “Wildlife Emergency” for Animal Planet about injured wildlife and the veterinarians dedicated to saving them; the multi-part  “Audubon Report,” produced for the National Audubon Society and dedicated to documenting ways to positively impact the environment; and “Women Who Won Gold” for ESPN, a series which told the life stories of athletes who blazed the trail for women’s sports.
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Production Company: Jonathan Diamond Associates

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